Are you looking for strategic opportunities for bringing biomimicry into your organisation/project or your products/processes/systems? 

We can explore opportunities with you and provide strategic direction. We provide the combination of a think tank and a network of organisations and individuals that can explore biomimicry opportunities and take them all the way through to implementation . 

  • How can nature's strategies inspire innovation and/or real sustainability for your project/organisation? 
  • How can your project(s)/organisation be guided by the wisdom millions of years of evolution?
  • What opportunities are their beyond sustainability?
  • How can your project/organisation integrate nature's principles for resilience, innovation and sustainability?
  • How can you leverage our open innovation processes with multifunctional benefits?
  • What else is possible?

Contact us if you are interested in strategy or any of the following processes?


We can help you scope where to focus your biomimicry initiatives. Our Biomimicry Thinking processes can also help you frame your key challenges in a way that  can leverage nature's genius for finding solutions. We can work with your team to provide a customised scoping review of biomimetic products and processes relevant to your project, organisation or industry. 


How does nature do that? We can undertake detailed biomimicry research for you - relating to your specific areas of interest. We have a network of local and international biologists, ecologists, biomimics, and more that can help frame and undertake your research requirements. How does nature store energy? How does nature move fluids? How does nature regulate temperature, etc.


A biomimicry brainstorm session couples nature's innovation principles with design thinking and systems thinking to yield a range of innovative ideas for addressing your key challenges - design or otherwise. We can work with your team to identify the best options to take forward into design phase.


We can take you through a process to evaluate your designs or products/processes/systems/organisation against biomimicry Life's Principles. This powerful tool can then be a springboard for scoping, discovering or creating alternatives.