another world is possible

"Another world is possible. Another world is necessary. It's already on it's way, and on a quiet day, you can hear it breathing." - Arundhati Roy

We know (nature proves it to us) that another world is possible. A world that functions like the natural world. One that continues to create the conditions for life to flourish (one that is breathing). So, we explore and translate the genius of nature, and together with designers, engineers, businesses, and biologists, we emulate nature's genius to create products, processes and systems that work for life, rather than against it. We inspire and nurture budding biomimics from school-age to retirement. We connect them to the natural world and each other. We inspire and support organisations and individuals wishing to consult life's genius to innovate, redesign and re-imagine the future of our world - starting with the products, processes and systems that are tangible to you/your organisation. 

our objectives

The strategic goals for BiomimicrySA mirror Biomimicry3.8's global goals. While these goals are ambitious, they are founded on several years of success to date. We are very excited about this work and the potential it has to contribute to the immense task we have ahead of us to address sustainability challenges. We believe biomimicry can play a key role in finding solutions.

education and training

Our goal is to implement biomimicry into relevant education curricula for schools, students (particularly in the fields of design, architecture, engineering, biology, business, field guiding) and professionals (including the same fields as for students, as well as relevant government departments and research institutions). We also aim to implement relevant biomimicry content and informal education programs at aquariums, museums, etc. The short-term objectives are to partner with key institutions and form networks with educators and professional institutions to pilot biomimicry education and training initiatives. Our long-term objectives are to enable biomimicry to be integrated into curriculum on a boader scale where feasible. We also aim to host a range of biomimicry workshops to suit a variety of audiences, to inspire and inform through public presentations and the media, as well as to support the growing biomimicry network in South Africa through local network meetings. We also connect our local networks with international biomimicry networks and aim to participate in the biomimicry conferences internationally.


We aim to inspire, initiate, enable and implement biomimicry innovation in South Africa, through the training we offer as well as through promoting & supporting design challenges and projects. We also aim to enable meaningful biomimicry innovation in African organisations by leveraging local and international networks to undertake relevant biomimicry research and development. We also aim to leverage these networks to provide biomimicry consulting and training services to local companies and organisations to assist them in implementing biomimicry innovation.

conservation and sustainability

We are deeply committed to working towards creating conditions conducive to life through the work we do and through inspiring and enabling the designers of our world to use biomimicry as a way to redesign our world to be empowered by nature’s genius. Our passion is for a thriving abundant world for all. We aim to use and share the empowering approach of biomimicry to assist individuals and organisations in their commitment to conservation and sustainability. We train field guides and conservation organisations in biomimicry so they can leverage this powerful lens for their biomimicry efforts.


The (re)connect aspect of biomimicry is about regaining the understanding and recognition that two “separate” identities (i.e., people and nature) are actually deeply intertwined. There is no “us” and “them.” We are nature. (Re)connecting is a practice and a mindset that explores this relationship between humans and the rest of nature. We partner with organisations to run a number of expeditions and retreats into nature that integrate deep exploration of nature’s genius in place. We also collaborate with and recommend nature-based eco-tourism opportunities to encourage deeper reconnection experiences.