biomimicry life's principles

Life's Principles outline strategies for thriving under the operating conditions on Earth. By incorporating these principles into an organisation’s design methodologies and system strategies, the resulting integrated strategies are inherently sustainable because they follow the same principles that allow life to thrive. They're also a set of innovation principles that are beneficial to any organisation/design whether you're focused on sustainability or not. They're one of the best Systems Thinking supertools. Get to know them through a Life's Principles workshop or in-house workshops where our team work with you to perform a Life's Principles evaluation for your organisation/specific product/process/system/challenge, etc.

what are they?

Life's Principles are a set of deep principles or patterns that all organisms and systems on Earth meet in order to sustain themselves and life on earth. They are abstracted from biological literature and translated into generic design language so that they can be usable by the designers of our world. They can be used as a design tool, evaluation tool or aspirational goals. Life’s Principles are what biomimics use to both drive and evaluate the sustainability and appropriateness of our designs.

Scientists have been working for centuries trying to identify how nature works, to unlock the secrets of survival, and to unravel life’s mysteries. With so many scientific papers being published, it may seem that every organism has a unique way of surviving and even thriving in its niche of the environment. Upon closer consideration though, patterns emerge. Many creatures have similarities; they may have a comparable shape or move liquid using the same mechanism or have a similar response to danger or employ the same chemical reaction. In biomimicry, these patterns are called deep principles. Biomimicry3.8 along with many partners, have studied, compiled, and distilled scientific research to create a collection of these more fundamental principles now known in biomimicry as Life’s Principles.