learning journey

Discovering and learning biomimicry is a wonderful adventure. Not only do you explore the genius of nature you also learn to translate nature's recipes, blueprints and principles in order to create products, processes and systems that function like nature. 


Biomimicry South Africa offers a Learning Journey for you to start learning biomimicry and then progressively gain the skills to become a Biomimicry Practitioner in your field of interest/work. You can also just select just a few of the options in the Learning Journey that suit your needs e.g. Expeditions only. Note the Learning Journey is part-time and can be done in parallel with your work or undergraduate/postgraduate studies (the project work can be incorporated as part of your university/work projects). When you graduate from our Learning Journey, you will receive a Biomimicry Practitioners certificate in your field of interest/work (e.g. architecture, biology, engineering, design, education, business, organisations, conservation, water, energy, etc.).

As from 2017 the Biomimicry Learning Journey will be run in cohorts (groups learning together) in Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN. The 2017 group learning journey networks begin in March 2017 and continue until September 2017. Find the schedule here

You can then choose to go deeper. You may choose to become a Biomimicry Specialist or Biomimicry Professional through training offered by Biomimicry3.8. There are also online graduate certificates and Masters degrees in Biomimicry offered by Arizona State University. It is because the cost of these latter options is very high, that we offer the Learning Journey option here. Please contact us if your are interested in this Learning Journey and we will send you details of the costs involved for each step.

learning journey steps

This is the recommended pathway through these steps but you can choose to do some steps before others. Tell us your preferences and we can see if we can make it work.

Step 1: Introductory Biomimicry Presentation

  • Begin with an inspiring presentation online (e.g. TED talk) or in person.
  • Watch one or more videos online here
  • For an in-person presentation, request a speaker for your organisation/company/school/class/conference here

Step 2: Biomimicry 101 training

  • Online training: Biomimicry Thinking and the practice of biomimicry. Includes video courses, webinars, worksheets and ebook.
  • Workshop in person: Standalone workshop or complements the online training. An opportunity to connect with others, learn together and/or work on design challenges together. Once you have completed the online training, this is optional unless you undertake the practical biomimicry project step - then it's required. 
  • Note if you have already completed a previous Biomimicry101 training workshop - this will count towards your Learning Journey.

Step 3: Biomimicry Life's Principles Training

  • Online training: Life's Principles. Includes video courses, webinars, worksheets and ebook.
  • Workshop in person: Stand alone or complements the online training. An opportunity to connect with others, learn together, and/or work on a LPs challenge together. So you can do the online training only or a workshop only or combine both.
  • Note if you have already completed a previous Life's Principles training workshop - this will count towards your Learning Journey.

Step 4 (OPTIONAL): Attend a Genius of Nature Biomimicry Expedition

  • Expeditions are held in South Africa/Africa. Sometimes they are held in wonderful exotic places e.g. Bali. Options include in nature reserves around major cities (e.g. Kirstenbosch), but mostly in wilderness areas further away.
  • Find out more about these here
  • If you live in another country it is possible to attend local equivalent options for this component.
  • Note if you have already previously completed a biomimicry expedition this will count towards your learning journey.

Step 5: Practical Biomimicry Project 

  • This is a practical project usually involving a biomimicry design challenge or other important component of biomimicry. You can work as individuals or in teams (of 2-5). You will have mentoring from Biomimicry Professional in setting up the project and at the different phases of the project. The project usually takes about 6 months part-time but can be longer/shorter. Some postgraduate students complete it in shorter time as part of their postgrad project requirements which is full-time.
  • Establish (with feedback from your mentor) a Biomimicry Project topic to work on within your field of interest/work. This can be a project you are working on at work, or a university level undergraduate or postgraduate project, or just a project of interest. It can also be an project entry for the Global Biomimicry Design Challenge (if working in a team). 
  • Sign the Project Agreement Document on the timing of project, completing the project, and mentoring support from BPros.
  • Complete each phase of the project and submit required updates prior to online mentoring support (group webinar/Skype)
  • Complete a summary of your project as a video or short PDF that we can share on BSA website or with the international biomimicry network.

Step 6: Completion

  • Submit evidence of completion of all requirements to us
  • Receive your Biomimicry Practitioners Certificate from Biomimicry South Africa

Step 7: Go Deeper