biomimicry expeditions

Our expeditions are an adventure into the discovery of the genius of nature. They include open expeditions or tailor-made ones (for organisations, businesses, etc.). Our expeditions are currently run through Imaginature

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Biomimicry expeditions range from two to five days in wonderful settings in nature. Expeditions are usually held in Southern Africa. Sometimes they are held in other fascinating places e.g. Bali. Options include in nature around major cities (e.g. Kirstenbosch), but mostly in wilderness areas further away. Along with fellow explorers, you have the choice of simply discovering, or going deeper; to contemplate and create, apply what you learn, to imagine the future design of your world. Shift perspectives, inspire genius, connect across different fields, learn the art of change, discover how to emulate nature's forms, recipes and systems, rekindle a sense of awe, scope the biomimicry opportunities to take forward in your world... There are so many reasons to join an open expedition or arrange a tailor-made one for your team/organisation.